Predator flex Polarized Ultra Silver Copper 322847

Zoggs Predator Flex with Polarized Ultra Lenses with Copper Shine.
Ref 322848
- Polarized lenses reduce glare and the reflections of the sun so are ideal for high level light and especially in direct sunshine. Zoggs Ultra lenses go further than most also repelling blue light. - Curved Lens Technology (CLT) offers the swimmer 180 degrees peripheral vision and crystal clear clarity. Ideal for swimming in a crowd, or with others in your lane - UV protection: Zoggs includes UV protection as a standard feature on all goggles.As well as our standard UV360, we have introduced UV400 maximum protection which blocks 99%-100% of the suns harmful UV rays, to ensure swimming is as safe as it is enjoyable. - Antifog Fogbuster offers extra moisture control for real clarity of vision, and a stress free swim. - Our quick adjust system is fast and secure, the easiest way to get just the right fit. - Split yoke straps, made using high quality silicone, are strong, durable and comfortable, featured on many of our goggles

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